NSW State Election 2015

Coming Elections

Parramatta Greens are active participants in australian democratic processes, and we encourage more participation from everyone.

A Federal Election is due in late 2016, but it could be called at any time earlier, if the Liberal Party uses a double dissolution trigger.

Local council elections are also due in late 2016, unless postponed by the troubling issues of proposed council amalgamations.

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Local Parramatta Issues

Local Issues

Find out about the issues affecting Parramatta and surrounding areas. Learn more about the current  campaigns being organised by the Parramatta Greens and how you can get involved and support our initiatives.

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Parramatta Greens Events

Upcoming Events

14 October 2015

The Parramatta Greens hold monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of the month (except January). Currently these are held in the ground floor of the Parramatta Council Chambers, behind the Town Hall. SMS or call the convenor, Phil Bradley on 0425 265 170 .

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It's time to get more Greens Members in parliament!

The Greens provide a real alternative standing up for progressive policies, and powered from the bottom-up by our members and supporters. Join the movement and help us make a difference.

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What the Greens stand for


The Greens believe that a fundamental aspect of participating in society is access to sustainable and affordable energy services for people and businesses.


Health services should improve or maintain an optimum standard of health across the whole population.


Government should continue to play a role in promoting social and economic equity; and sustainable industry development.

Local Government

The Greens are passionate about supporting strong local governments as they best able to effectively respond to community needs.

Planning and Infrastructure

Local communities should be an integral part of planning decisions. Environmental concerns, increasing urban development and the effects of climate change also need to be taken into account.


Infrastructure and major services should be publicly owned, well integrated, and efficient.