About Us
The Parramatta Greens is the Greens NSW group that covers Parramatta, Auburn and Holroyd local government areas. We have responsibility for Federal, State and Local Government election campaigns held in our area. The NSW Greens adhere to four major principles:
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Social equality and economic justice
  • Grassroots democracy
  • Peace, nonviolence and disarmament
There are many other ways to get involved with the Greens. There are over 50 Local Greens groups around NSW. They have the responsibility for elections held in their area, New South Wales Legislative Assembly and Local Government. As well as being affiliated to the Greens NSW, Parramatta Greens is affiliated with the Australian Greens which in turn is part of the Global Greens network. The Young Greens are the youth wing of the NSW Greens. They hold monthly meetings and run regular events dedicated to campaigning for a better world.

The NSW Greens in numbers

The Greens provide a real alternative standing up for progressive policies, and powered from the bottom-up by our members and supporters. Join the movement and help us make a difference.