Parramatta's future must not be a high rise nightmare

The Greens have demanded an immediate rethink on the scale and density of high rise development in Parramatta's CBD when a new council forms after the 9th September 2017 council election.

With more than 10,000 new dwellings approved in just the last four years and threats of up to 90 storey high rise development with all its damaging impact on local infrastructure, Parramatta is under threat like never before and who gets elected in September will likely determine the future of the city for generations.

Parramatta Ward Greens Head Candidate Phil Bradley said:

Parramatta deserves much more than high rise, shadows, wind tunnels and traffic snarls, but sadly that's the only vision the state government has for our beautiful city.
When you stand under the 54 storey Meriton tower next to Lennox Bridge you get some idea of just how dominating towers up to 90 storey would be. We can't let that happen.
We need more housing which is affordable, but it’s vital that new developments serve the community and are not simply a means for unscrupulous developers to make huge profits.
The Greens want to see Parramatta grow and thrive, but we want it to be on a human scale, so that our parks aren't in permanent shadow, our transport isn't overloaded and there's a place for our kids at local schools.

Greens MP and Local Government Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

The figures show council has not been acting in the community’s interests, but in the interests of developers who only care about making a buck.
Greens on Council will put a stop to this kind of rampant overdevelopment that pays no heed to the community’s interests.
With so many heritage buildings under threat, and Parramatta's parks already overcrowded and overshadowed, there needs to be a limit on the scale of development in the city centre.
Greens councillors will ensure developments are sustainable, affordable, supported by good infrastructure, and that the community is involved in decision-making through a transparent consultation process

Media Contact: Phil Bradley 0425 265 170 & David Shoebridge  0408 113 952

All Greens from left to right: Sujan Selven – Wentworthville Ward Head Candidate, David Shoebridge MLC, Annie Nielsen no.2 then Phil Bradley no. 1 candidate for Parramatta Ward, Astrid O’Neill no. 2 for Rosehill Ward.
Phil Bradley
More than 10,000 new dwellings approved in just the last four years and threats of up to 90 storey high rise development in Parramatta
CBD overdevelopment, over centralisation, Parramatta council elections 2017