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Climate Emergency Petition Here Blog 2017-07-03

Here is a link to the Australian climate emergency petition, both online, and paper versions, for which many people are trying to gather as many signatures as possible. We need Australians to tell governments to treat climate change for the emergency that it is, and has been for some decades.

Greens at Granville Here Blog 2016-05-21

A great night at Granville with Parramatta Greens hosting Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale, NSW lead Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, Mehreen Faruqi MLC and about 12 Greens candidates. Almost 120 attended and applauded the Greens' great policies addressed and explained in Richard's enthusiastic speech. Go Greens!!

Westmead Hospital could lose up to $650 million in federal funding over the next decade Here Blog 2017-07-03
The Greens candidate for Parramatta, Phil Bradley today said "The Parramatta Greens condemn the changes made to Federal-State funding arrangements in the 2014 Federal Coalition’s budget, which saw $57 billion axed from local hospitals over the next decade. The Turnbull government’s recent budget restored only $2.9 billion of these cuts. Based on this, figures provided by the Parliamentary Budget Office and hospital bed figures provided by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, an estimate has been made that Westmead Hospital could lose up to $650 million over the next decade.
Greens in City of Parramatta Election Here Blog 2017-07-04

Media Release 19/6/17- Greens in the City of Parramatta Election

The Greens today announced the first two of their candidates for Parramatta Council. Phil Bradley and Lindsay Peters.

Greens seek to exploit Labor divisions over Adani with assault on marginal seats Sydney Morning Herald Remote 2017-07-09

The conflict between unsustainable, dirty-coal energy and our present global warming emergency is exemplified by the Adani Coal Project, and other multiple coal mine planned for the Galilee Basin in Queensland. The Australian Labor Party has understandable leniency towards coal interests. Unions want mining jobs, and state Governments want mining revenue.  Many more people want a future, and need this planet to be livable.  The more our planet warms the less livable it is.  The death of the entire great barrier reef is only one step further. The Greens oppose new Coal mining projects outright, and will be knocking on doors in electorates to hurt Labor where it matters.

 'If something cannot go on forever it will stop' - Herbert Stein

Welcome Refugees at Parramatta Park : Challenge to Coalition and Labor Policy Here Blog 2016-05-08

Organised by Parramatta Greens, and Co-Hosted by The Refugee Action Coalition and People Just Like Us.   

Parramatta Greens today (8th May 2016) urged the old Parties to end their cruel treatment of asylum seekers and refugees.

Greens want Empty Homes Levy to help fund local community housing Here Blog 2017-07-27

MEDIA RELEASE by Parramatta Greens : 6 August 2017

The Parramatta Greens today launched a new plan that will free up local rental accommodation and raise more than $5.0 million per year for the City of Parramatta Council to spend on community housing. The most recent Census data shows more than 5,450 homes in Parramatta are unoccupied. That’s almost 7% of properties, and it’s a troubling figures given the current housing crisis. The Greens’ Empty Homes Levy would enable Parramatta City Council to charge an additional levy on the owners of untenanted investment properties, with the revenue being invested in local housing projects. There is huge need for affordable housing in Parramatta, where the median price for houses is $675,000 and for units $609,000. No wonder that homelessness is increasing.

Parramatta's future must not be a high rise nightmare Here Blog 2017-09-01

The Greens have demanded an immediate rethink on the scale and density of high rise development in Parramatta's CBD when a new council forms after the 9th September 2017 council election.

Left to right:
Sujan Selven – Wentworthville Ward Head Candidate,
David Shoebridge -
Annie Nielsen
no.2 then
Phil Bradley no. 1 candidate for Parramatta Ward,
Astrid O’Neill no. 2 for Rosehill Ward.

Serving All Residents Here Blog 2017-11-10

Now that we new City of Parramatta councillors have just completed our schedule of informative induction workshops and completed our first ordinary Council meeting, I have been able to reflect on our hectic first month on the job.

First, I would like to thank all who exercised their democratic right to vote for their council representatives, including for me as the first Greens councillor for Parramatta.

This opportunity was welcome after being denied the right to vote in 2016 as a result of our council amalgamation with a government appointed administrator.

Parramatta residents deserve sustainable development and a fair 50% value deal for public infrastructure Here Blog 2018-09-02
From a press release by Parramatta Councillor Phil Bradley.
It is unacceptable to have wealthy property development companies able to override the public plans of the Parramatta community by offering to give the Council money.
Allowing wealthy developers to override our planning regulations while requiring the rest of the community to abide by them is discriminatory and undemocratic.

However where Parramatta Council continues to allow this undemocratic process, the Parramatta Greens will continue to insist that the community receives fair value for the increased profits that result in the developments exceeding the planning regulations.

Developers Profit $Billions, while Communities suffer $200m Shortfall Here Blog 2018-09-02
Parramatta Greens Councillor Phil Bradley is calling for the people of Parramatta to get a fair share of the enormous profits made by developers in the Parramatta CBD.
Greens Councillor Phil Bradley - report 1 year on. Here Front 2018-10-10

Report of Phil Bradley on his  first year as a Greens Councillor on Parramatta City Council - 2018