Coalition disrespects local democracy and Greens call for constitutional protection

The decision of the NSW Coalition to push for forced mergers of local councils builds on years of disrespect for democracy by the Coalition at every level of government. To preserve local democracy the Greens are renewing the call to protect local government in the Commonwealth Constitution.
Whether it is supporting property developers running for local council, selling the public electricity grid or allowing rivers of corporate donations to political parties, the story is always the same. Now the Coalition is again backing big business instead of ordinary residents. Forced amalgamations is only the latest in this series of attacks on our democracy.
Our local councils have the respect and support of the great majority of local residents and only an out of touch Premier would miss this.
Parramatta Greens convenor Phil Bradley said:
“. . .We Parramatta Greens oppose the proposed forced council amalgamations, as most people believe that as many decisions as possible should be made at a local level. This starts with deciding on the size and shape of your own local council. As councils get bigger they become more dismissive of the needs of local communities. This means less effective service to locals.
. . .Parramatta Greens will promote protection of local government through Constitutional recognition as one of the key themes in the Federal election.
. . . We will work with Parramatta, Holroyd and Auburn Council residents to keep their councils local!”
Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has also said:
“. . .The Greens want to protect local democracy and this means guaranteeing its existence in the Commonwealth Constitution.
. . .For too long local government has been the plaything of arrogant state governments and it’s time we levelled the playing field by giving local councils constitutional recognition.
. . . The Baird Coalition government is making a blatant power grab with its forced amalgamations push and communities are awake to this.”
For further information, please contact:
Phil Bradley
Convenor of Parramatta Greens
0425 265 170