Greens Preferences in Parramatta Electorate still likely to be decisive

The Greens today announced Phil Bradley as their candidate for the electorate of Parramatta in the federal election this year. Mr Bradley will work with NSW Greens lead Senate candidate, Lee Rhiannon during the campaign with a view to banning political donations from developers and mining companies.

Mr Bradley said, “With Parramatta being a marginal electorate, our Greens supporters’ preferences are likely to again be critical in deciding the winner, as they did in 2013.

Greens NSW anti-corruption spokesperson Jamie Parker MP has already given notice in the NSW Parliament of a new bill to reduce corruption risk by banning political donations from mining companies.

Mr Bradley added, “Senator Lee Rhiannon presented a similar bill to the Senate, but both major parties have opposed limiting political donations and they voted against the Greens plan to form a national ICAC.

“In considering our How to Vote recommendation, the Parramatta Greens will give strong consideration as to whether the Liberal and Labor candidates have publicly supported formation of a Federal ICAC and a ban on political donations from the mining, development, tobacco, alcohol and gambling industries.

The Greens see both old parties leaping to the right, especially in their support for overdevelopment, subsidising the polluting fossil fuel industry with many billions of dollars of our taxes ($30-40B in 2015 says IMF) and in their inhumane treatment of refugees”, Mr Bradley said.

“The Greens are the only party prepared to act against dangerous climate change by cutting subsidies, banning mining corporations’ donations to political parties, and by placing a moratorium on any new coal mines and coal seam gas extraction, such as was proposed close to Parramatta at Prospect. Instead, we will fund a green jobs-rich economy powered by clean renewable energy by stopping the billions of dollars now being squandered on fossil fuel subsidies for the big mining corporations. Higher taxes on the excessive profits of the big banks and mining companies would also help to provide:

• billions more to our schools than the current Gonski proposal, more funding for job skills training in TAFE and for the reversal of university funding cuts;

• major public transport and health improvements;

• more affordable social housing;

• restoration of support for struggling single parents;

• and much more”, said Mr Bradley.

“I have worked closely with Senator Rhiannon on a number of local Parramatta campaigns including protecting the Female Factory Precinct’s heritage value from overdevelopment. Senator Rhiannon’s motion on this issue was passed by the Senate.

Mr Bradley urges people to VOTE 1 GREENS including for Greens lead NSW Senate candidate Senator Lee Rhiannon, for a healthy, caring and equitable Australia.

For further information, please contact Phil on 0425 265 170.