90 Storey Aspire Tower an Inefficient, Expensive Monstrosity for Parramatta

The Greens candidate for Parramatta Phil Bradley today said: “I’m amazed that the 70-90 Storey Aspire tower was described in the Parramatta Sun in such glowing terms. I think most people would think it an inefficient monstrosity, totally out of context with other lower height buildings nearby and premature without the additional public services necessary for its hundreds of additional residents.
It will be thermally inefficient because of the high external surface to floor area ratio – this means high energy bills and more carbon emissions. Structurally inefficient because of high wind stresses due to its excessive height and high surface to floor area, and due to high foundation loads – this means higher building and buyer costs.
Hydraulically inefficient due to the extremely high water pressures needed for upper level fire protection – this means higher costs and possibly greater fire risk.
Socially inefficient and alienating as is recognised by social science experts for high rise structures.
Expensive because of all of the above. The building will be an ugly eye-sore rather than the euphemistic architect’s description ‘highly recognisable on the skyline’ because it will stand out like the proverbial ‘sore thumb’.”
Mr Bradley added, “Unfortunately, the designers were stuck with a Council brief to design a 90 storey building on a relatively very small site with the top 20 storeys infringing aircraft safety surfaces. I think the hundreds of Parramatta home seekers and those overshadowed by this building would much prefer one with affordable housing and no more than 30 storeys high.
For further information, please contact Phil Bradley on 0425 265 170.