100% Renewable NSW

John Kaye, the Greens NSW MLC to release the NSW Greens campaign for a 100% Renewable NSW at the Climate Action Summit in Sydney.

100% Renewable NSW Site

A 100% renewable NSW is within our reach. The Greens have a plan to make it possible. A 100% renewable NSW is not a pipedream. It’s possible, affordable and essential. The technology is ready. It makes economic sense. It can create 1000s of jobs. Read the details of the plan at the 100% Renewable NSW Site

Carbon Tax Forum

ParraCAN is holding this forum to inform people about a Price on Pollution

Wednesday 6th July 2011
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Parramatta High School Hall
Great Western Highway and Pitt St

Do you want to know:
o What it will involve?
o Why we need it?
o How it will affect you?
o Who will have to pay?
o What if we don’t have a carbon tax?

Speakers include:

John Kaye, Greens NSW Upper House MP
Amy Gordon, Australian Youth Climate Coalition
Simon Butler, Socialist Alliance Spokesperson
Simon Bradshaw, Australian Conservation Foundation

Flyer or RSVP on Facebook.