Westmead Hospital could lose up to $650 million in federal funding over the next decade

The Greens candidate for Parramatta, Phil Bradley today said “The Parramatta Greens condemn the changes made to Federal-State funding arrangements in the 2014 Federal Coalition’s budget, which saw $57 billion axed from local hospitals over the next decade. The Turnbull government’s recent budget restored only $2.9 billion of these cuts. Based on this, figures provided by the Parliamentary Budget Office and hospital bed figures provided by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, an estimate has been made that Westmead Hospital could lose up to $650 million in federal funding over the next decade. This is roughly the equivalent of 400 hospital beds, or 700 nurses, or 400 doctors’ salaries each year!”

“On the other hand, The Greens support phasing out the Private Health Insurance Rebate. This will return more than $50 billion over the next decade for reinvestment directly in the public health system. This would fund the growth in hospital costs for well over a decade and allow for a greater investment in primary care, including dental care and other allied health services. The savings would also support lower patient to nurse ratios in all hospital units throughout NSW, especially in intensive care units.”

Mr Bradley added “As the Greens candidate for Parramatta, I will work with Greens MPs for these ratios to be made mandatory in the nurses’ Award. Ratios should also be extended to the community health system. There is plenty of well researched evidence that improved ratios not only save thousands of lives, but also lead to better heath outcomes and save overall health system costs.”

Medicare must also be protected with dental and mental health services included in it.

“The Greens see health as an investment, not a cost. Ensuring that our health system will always be accessible, affordable and universal is our priority because patients must be at the heart of the system. By closing major tax loopholes for the rich we can then invest much of the savings in healthcare, so that we can take advantage of new life-enhancing treatments, improve access to health services and reduce out-of-pocket costs.”

“Last week, the Greens also announced an amazing new mental health policy which based on population, would mean at least $300 million additional funding for mental health over the next four years for NSW. This will provide better support of the mental health and wellbeing of NSW people, including in Parramatta with a renewed focus on primary care,” Mr Bradley added.

For more information, please contact Phil Bradley Greens Candidate for Parramatta on 0425 265 170.

Greens vision for a clean transport future includes $500 million for Parramatta Light Rail

The Parramatta Greens welcomed the Australian Greens’ announcement of a dedicated $10 billion funding allocation over four years, to prioritise the public transport that Australians need to fix traffic congestion, reduce pollution and make our cities and towns healthy and liveable.
“After years of neglect it’s time to invest in public transport and give people the choice to leave their car at home,” said Senator Janet Rice, the Australian Greens spokesperson for transport and infrastructure.

The Greens candidate for Parramatta, Phil Bradley said, “People in Western Sydney are fed up with wasting their precious time stuck in traffic. It’s stressful and creates wasteful fossil fuel pollution which contributes to dangerous climate change. The exorbitant $16.8 billion WestConnex $11 one-way toll road will only worsen traffic congestion during its construction and in ten years will be just as congested as the M4 is now!
“What Western Sydney and Parramatta need urgently is more light and heavy rail, creating efficient public transport cross connections to existing rail lines radiating from Sydney.
“Instead of polluting toll roads, the Greens will invest an initial $10 billion over four years as the first instalment in a ten year $25 billion commitment to prioritise clean energy driven public transport works. The Greens’ commitment for public transport will turbo-charge priority projects still awaiting federal funding contributions, including $500m of federal money for the urgently needed Parramatta light rail system from the $1 billion Sydney light rail allocation. There will also be about $125m to upgrade NSW buses to hybrid/electric buses, which are quieter and less polluting,” added Mr Bradley.
In addition, the $10 billion four year Greens clean transport plan will:

  • Establish an annual $250 million Active Transport Fund for cycling and walking infrastructure.
  • Fast track desperately needed high speed intercity rail powered by clean energy to obviate the need for an extravagant polluting 24X7 Western Sydney Airport.
  • Commit an additional $500 million to shift freight onto rail through new rail freight lines.
  • Invest an additional $250m in arterial road works to maximise efficient traffic flow and enable better bus services to suburban and outer-urban communities.
  • Commit to $300 million in additional funding for the Black Spot road safety program.
  • Accelerate the electric vehicle revolution through $201 million in infrastructure and fleet grants, and five years’ worth of free registration for new fully electric vehicles.

For further information contact : Phil Bradley on 0425 265 170

Liberal Party betrays Parramatta business on NBN

Phil Bradley, Greens candidate for Parramatta, is challenging the Liberal candidate Michael Beckwith to support business, jobs and sustainable growth by backing high speed internet for Parramatta.
“In the twenty first century, business needs high speed broadband, just like it needed telephones last century,” Mr Bradley said. “Without a good internet service, Parramatta business will be limited to using outdated technology, while the rest of the world roars ahead.”
“Parramatta is ideally positioned near the geographic centre of Sydney, and should become a hub for business and for employment. But with the Liberals’ fibre to the node (FTTN) mixed with the old copper network, Parramatta will be severely constrained from competing nationally and globally.
“In the past, states and cities attracted business by offering cheap power (like the aluminium smelters at Bell Bay and Tomago), roads and rail (to serve agriculture, mining and other industries) and when all else failed, the government even offered reduced taxes. In the twenty first century, governments overseas are offering high speed internet.
“The experience of cities that have invested in 1000 Mbps broadband shows that it is a catalyst for all types of business. It is not just about streaming movies as the Liberals seem to think. It is about online retailing, supply chain management, media production, using 3D printing instead of holding inventory. It is about industrial design, professional services, financial services and medical imaging. It is about e-commerce, high-tech startups, transport management and more. Above all, it is about business and jobs. The possibilities are endless. And these possibilities will be denied to Parramatta if we accept the Liberals’ substandard ‘NBN light’, based on last century technology.
“However the most important part is the ability to upgrade a network. Fibre to the node will be overloaded and out of date by the time it is completed. Worse, it cannot be easily upgraded to cope with increased demand. Fibre to the premises (FTTP) will have capacity for a decade or more, using current technology, but better still, new technology is becoming available to upgrade fibre to the premises to ten or a hundred times its current capacity, without a major rebuild. Fibre to the premises will “future proof” Parramatta for decades.
Mr Bradley continued, ”Current estimates show that the costs of FTTP and FTTN are about the same, although the high speed, upgradeable FTTP might take a bit longer to complete. The Liberals are building a substandard, slow speed network. Parramatta needs a high speed, state of the art network (with space for growth) even if it means waiting an extra year.
“In short, the Liberals’ “fraudband” will be out of date before it is completed, condemning Parramatta to become a business backwater. The Greens proposal of FTTP will provide Parramatta with a springboard for innovation, sustainable business growth and increased secure employment.”

For further information contact:

Phil Bradley, Greens Candidate for Parramatta: 0425 265 170

90 Storey Aspire Tower an Inefficient, Expensive Monstrosity for Parramatta

The Greens candidate for Parramatta Phil Bradley today said: “I’m amazed that the 70-90 Storey Aspire tower was described in the Parramatta Sun in such glowing terms. I think most people would think it an inefficient monstrosity, totally out of context with other lower height buildings nearby and premature without the additional public services necessary for its hundreds of additional residents.
It will be thermally inefficient because of the high external surface to floor area ratio – this means high energy bills and more carbon emissions. Structurally inefficient because of high wind stresses due to its excessive height and high surface to floor area, and due to high foundation loads – this means higher building and buyer costs.
Hydraulically inefficient due to the extremely high water pressures needed for upper level fire protection – this means higher costs and possibly greater fire risk.
Socially inefficient and alienating as is recognised by social science experts for high rise structures.
Expensive because of all of the above. The building will be an ugly eye-sore rather than the euphemistic architect’s description ‘highly recognisable on the skyline’ because it will stand out like the proverbial ‘sore thumb’.”
Mr Bradley added, “Unfortunately, the designers were stuck with a Council brief to design a 90 storey building on a relatively very small site with the top 20 storeys infringing aircraft safety surfaces. I think the hundreds of Parramatta home seekers and those overshadowed by this building would much prefer one with affordable housing and no more than 30 storeys high.
For further information, please contact Phil Bradley on 0425 265 170.

Coalition disrespects local democracy and Greens call for constitutional protection

The decision of the NSW Coalition to push for forced mergers of local councils builds on years of disrespect for democracy by the Coalition at every level of government. To preserve local democracy the Greens are renewing the call to protect local government in the Commonwealth Constitution.
Whether it is supporting property developers running for local council, selling the public electricity grid or allowing rivers of corporate donations to political parties, the story is always the same. Now the Coalition is again backing big business instead of ordinary residents. Forced amalgamations is only the latest in this series of attacks on our democracy.
Our local councils have the respect and support of the great majority of local residents and only an out of touch Premier would miss this.
Parramatta Greens convenor Phil Bradley said:
“. . .We Parramatta Greens oppose the proposed forced council amalgamations, as most people believe that as many decisions as possible should be made at a local level. This starts with deciding on the size and shape of your own local council. As councils get bigger they become more dismissive of the needs of local communities. This means less effective service to locals.
. . .Parramatta Greens will promote protection of local government through Constitutional recognition as one of the key themes in the Federal election.
. . . We will work with Parramatta, Holroyd and Auburn Council residents to keep their councils local!”
Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has also said:
“. . .The Greens want to protect local democracy and this means guaranteeing its existence in the Commonwealth Constitution.
. . .For too long local government has been the plaything of arrogant state governments and it’s time we levelled the playing field by giving local councils constitutional recognition.
. . . The Baird Coalition government is making a blatant power grab with its forced amalgamations push and communities are awake to this.”
For further information, please contact:
Phil Bradley
Convenor of Parramatta Greens
0425 265 170

Westconnex asbestos waste hazard

Lee Rhianon reports on the cost-cutting and negligent methods of handling asbestos waste for upgrade diggings for the M4 widening, exposing residents Western Suburbs and wider Sydney, to the mercy of the dust blowing winds.

Lee Rhianon also comments on the lack of business case, and the lack of enivronmental impact planning for further stages of the WestConnex Tunnel Vision.

Senate backs urgent heritage listing for Parramatta Female Factory

17 September 2015

The Greens have called on Premier Mike Baird to act on the Senate motion that sets out a path to save the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct from destructive over-development.

Greens NSW Senator said “The Senate passed the Greens motion that calls for the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct to be urgently approved for the National and World Heritage listing it so richly deserves.

“Further delay by the federal Minister for Environment could result in a damaging 30 storey development that compromises the chances of this unique precinct being granted National and World Heritage listing.

“By comparison, the Hobart Female Factory that received World Heritage status years ago is smaller, much less significant and not as old as the Parramatta Female Factory,” Senator Rhiannon said.

Phil Bradley, Convenor of Parramatta Greens said, “Premier Baird should act on the Senate’s advice by supporting the National Heritage Listing and moving to greatly downsize the proposed adjacent 30 storey, 3,900 unit North Parramatta development.

“Premier Baird should act now to preserve the potential of the Precinct to be a successful world class centre for tourism, arts, culture and heritage education,” Mr Bradley said


Phil Bradley 0425 265 170

Brami Jegan for Lee Rhiannon 0487 350 880


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