Liberal Party betrays Parramatta business on NBN

Phil Bradley, Greens candidate for Parramatta, is challenging the Liberal candidate Michael Beckwith to support business, jobs and sustainable growth by backing high speed internet for Parramatta.
“In the twenty first century, business needs high speed broadband, just like it needed telephones last century,” Mr Bradley said. “Without a good internet service, Parramatta business will be limited to using outdated technology, while the rest of the world roars ahead.”
“Parramatta is ideally positioned near the geographic centre of Sydney, and should become a hub for business and for employment. But with the Liberals’ fibre to the node (FTTN) mixed with the old copper network, Parramatta will be severely constrained from competing nationally and globally.
“In the past, states and cities attracted business by offering cheap power (like the aluminium smelters at Bell Bay and Tomago), roads and rail (to serve agriculture, mining and other industries) and when all else failed, the government even offered reduced taxes. In the twenty first century, governments overseas are offering high speed internet.
“The experience of cities that have invested in 1000 Mbps broadband shows that it is a catalyst for all types of business. It is not just about streaming movies as the Liberals seem to think. It is about online retailing, supply chain management, media production, using 3D printing instead of holding inventory. It is about industrial design, professional services, financial services and medical imaging. It is about e-commerce, high-tech startups, transport management and more. Above all, it is about business and jobs. The possibilities are endless. And these possibilities will be denied to Parramatta if we accept the Liberals’ substandard ‘NBN light’, based on last century technology.
“However the most important part is the ability to upgrade a network. Fibre to the node will be overloaded and out of date by the time it is completed. Worse, it cannot be easily upgraded to cope with increased demand. Fibre to the premises (FTTP) will have capacity for a decade or more, using current technology, but better still, new technology is becoming available to upgrade fibre to the premises to ten or a hundred times its current capacity, without a major rebuild. Fibre to the premises will “future proof” Parramatta for decades.
Mr Bradley continued, ”Current estimates show that the costs of FTTP and FTTN are about the same, although the high speed, upgradeable FTTP might take a bit longer to complete. The Liberals are building a substandard, slow speed network. Parramatta needs a high speed, state of the art network (with space for growth) even if it means waiting an extra year.
“In short, the Liberals’ “fraudband” will be out of date before it is completed, condemning Parramatta to become a business backwater. The Greens proposal of FTTP will provide Parramatta with a springboard for innovation, sustainable business growth and increased secure employment.”

For further information contact:

Phil Bradley, Greens Candidate for Parramatta: 0425 265 170