Bad coal projects continue to be approved


Minister for Environment Greg Hunt again approved the Carmichael coal mine project for Indian Big Business Adani, after it had been rejected in court over environmental procedural issues raised by conservation groups. Divestment from coal, gas and oil is absolutely necessarily to avoid long term harm and costs from global warming disruption. Australian Greens climate policy aims to be the best achievable for climate responsibility and energy security.

7-Eleven Half Pay Scam

Adam Bandt presents legislation to ensure fair wages. It is aimed at 7-Eleven franchises that have exploited workers on temporary working visas, and threatened them with deportation for speaking up. Franchise head offices should be responsible for fair work practices, and fair franchise contracts that enable their businesses to afford fair pay.

Westconnex asbestos waste hazard

Lee Rhianon reports on the cost-cutting and negligent methods of handling asbestos waste for upgrade diggings for the M4 widening, exposing residents Western Suburbs and wider Sydney, to the mercy of the dust blowing winds.

Lee Rhianon also comments on the lack of business case, and the lack of enivronmental impact planning for further stages of the WestConnex Tunnel Vision.

Granny Smith Festival Parade

Invitation from Ryde-Epping Greens

Granny Smith Festival parade this year and would like to invite Parramatta Greens to walk with us. The festival is Saturday October 17th in Eastwood, starting about 9.00 and finishing about 10.00am. We have heaps of fun props and it will be a small, very feel good thing.

Senate backs urgent heritage listing for Parramatta Female Factory

17 September 2015

The Greens have called on Premier Mike Baird to act on the Senate motion that sets out a path to save the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct from destructive over-development.

Greens NSW Senator said “The Senate passed the Greens motion that calls for the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct to be urgently approved for the National and World Heritage listing it so richly deserves.

“Further delay by the federal Minister for Environment could result in a damaging 30 storey development that compromises the chances of this unique precinct being granted National and World Heritage listing.

“By comparison, the Hobart Female Factory that received World Heritage status years ago is smaller, much less significant and not as old as the Parramatta Female Factory,” Senator Rhiannon said.

Phil Bradley, Convenor of Parramatta Greens said, “Premier Baird should act on the Senate’s advice by supporting the National Heritage Listing and moving to greatly downsize the proposed adjacent 30 storey, 3,900 unit North Parramatta development.

“Premier Baird should act now to preserve the potential of the Precinct to be a successful world class centre for tourism, arts, culture and heritage education,” Mr Bradley said


Phil Bradley 0425 265 170

Brami Jegan for Lee Rhiannon 0487 350 880


What an amazing place – Virtual tours of this historic site

100% Renewable NSW

John Kaye, the Greens NSW MLC to release the NSW Greens campaign for a 100% Renewable NSW at the Climate Action Summit in Sydney.

100% Renewable NSW Site

A 100% renewable NSW is within our reach. The Greens have a plan to make it possible. A 100% renewable NSW is not a pipedream. It’s possible, affordable and essential. The technology is ready. It makes economic sense. It can create 1000s of jobs. Read the details of the plan at the 100% Renewable NSW Site

Carbon Tax Forum

ParraCAN is holding this forum to inform people about a Price on Pollution

Wednesday 6th July 2011
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Parramatta High School Hall
Great Western Highway and Pitt St

Do you want to know:
o What it will involve?
o Why we need it?
o How it will affect you?
o Who will have to pay?
o What if we don’t have a carbon tax?

Speakers include:

John Kaye, Greens NSW Upper House MP
Amy Gordon, Australian Youth Climate Coalition
Simon Butler, Socialist Alliance Spokesperson
Simon Bradshaw, Australian Conservation Foundation

Flyer or RSVP on Facebook.