2021 Parramatta Council Candidates
Greg Edwards, Phil Bradley and Franceska Strano, for the Parramatta Local Greens Team

The Parramatta Greens today announced the first three of their lead candidates for the City of Parramatta Council Election on 4 September 2021. Our first three lead candidates will be Councillor Phil Bradley, Franceska Strano, and Greg Edwards. Phil will re-contest Parramatta Ward, Franceska will run in Rosehill Ward, and Greg in North Rocks Ward.

Our Greens Councillor team will act urgently to combat increasing extreme heat caused by climate change by supporting initiatives such as the expansion of well-paid jobs in the clean solar energy industry, increased use of electric vehicles and bicycles, waste minimisation, and buildings that meet high environmental standards. Local Greens Councillors will strive for Parramatta to lead the way as one of the most sustainable and liveable local government areas in Australia.

“The Greens in Parramatta will strongly promote Parramatta as an iconic centre of heritage, arts, and cultural significance.” Councillor Phil Bradley said, “I will continue to oppose over-development and promote better planning with an emphasis on community consultation and protection of Parramatta’s outstanding Aboriginal, multicultural, natural and built heritage. My Councillor role was vital in stopping 30-storey buildings next to three heritage conservation areas. If more than one Greens Councillor is elected, we can act even more effectively for more community infrastructure, protection of green spaces and for better public transport links.

“The council election on 4 September presents a great opportunity for residents to vote for candidates not in the tired old Liberal and Labor parties, and not candidates pretending to be Independents.”

Franceska Strano said, “I am an experienced civil engineer with a focus on sustainable development where communities are put first. I know that quality infrastructure, such as transport services, is a prerequisite and benefits have to be realised by the local community as a result of increased development. I want families supported more and prioritised with more affordable childcare. “This Council election presents an opportunity to vote for Greens candidates, who will work with locals for high environmental sustainability, action against global warming and to support communities, not developers. All Greens candidates support community need, not corporate greed.”

Greg Edwards stated, “I’m a teacher and a horticulturalist and am keen to improve local strategic planning with a garden city vision. Sadly, high-rise developments have been approved without the proper provision of local infrastructure. I am focused on the long-term changes we need and want to protect what is great about our community and make our society fair, liveable and sustainable. “The Greens do not accept donations from corporations, and we believe in fully accountable, ethical governance. We, therefore, support greater powers and resources for an independent Ombudsman to investigate complaints and any claims of corruption about Council operations and non-compliant development.”

For more information and/or brief biographies of our lead candidates, please contact: Judy Greenwood or Ernest Jilg Parramatta Greens Co-Convenors  contact  [ convenor(swirly thing)parramatta.nsw.greens.org.au ]

Parramatta Greens
Announcement Greens Team for Parramatta City Council 2021 local government elections.
Candidates, Greg Edwards - North Rocks Ward, Phil Bradley - Parramatta Ward, Franceska Strano - Rose Hill Ward.