Parramatta Council needs more Greens
L to R. Dr Matt Palmer, Phil Bradley, Franceska Strano, Greg Edwards, MP David Shoebridge

With Parramatta growing at a rapid rate, Greens MP David Shoebridge says now is a crucial time to elect more Greens to Parramatta Council.

Mr Shoebridge was a guest speaker at the launch of the Parramatta Greens local government election campaign in Granville on May 28.

"Parramatta Council seriously needs more Greens, to ensure the public, and not just property developers, benefit from the building boom,” he says."Whether it is protecting irreplaceable heritage, ensuring core services get to those in need, or restraining over-development, there is so much work for this team to do on Parramatta Council. "Greens on council are a voice for the community and a sure vote in favour of more green open space and protection of the environment.”

MP David Shoebridge as Guest Speaker at campaign launch 28 May 2021

Parramatta currently has one Greens councillor, Phil Bradley, who is running for re-election in Parramatta Ward. As well, civil engineer Franceska Strano is running in Rosehill Ward, retired teacher and horticulturalist Greg Edwards in North Rocks Ward and physicist Dr Matt Palmer in Epping Ward.

“This is the strongest team we have ever run for Parramatta Council with a terrific mix of experience, principle and enthusiasm,” Mr Shoebridge says.

Councillor Bradley says he’s proud of his achievements, which include helping to get National Heritage listing for the Parramatta Female Factory precinct. “I have been successful in working with supportive councillors to protect much of Parramatta’s precious heritage and promote waste reduction,” he says. “I have consistently advocated for improved community infrastructure funded from a fair public share of excessive rezoning profits. Electing our Green team to Council will enable us to achieve so much more.”

Dr Palmer says he’s hearing “loud and clear” from the Epping community that they’ve had enough of the traffic and overdevelopment. "We need proper planning to get to the Epping that we want in the future. I will continue listening to the community and working with my colleagues on solutions."

Dr Palmer, Ms Strano and Mr Edwards are all hoping to work alongside Councillor Bradley following the September 4 elections. “A vote for Greens is a vote for the betterment of our community,” Mr Edwards says. “Together we will advocate for a fairer and liveable share in new developments."

Media Release 1 June 2021 - Parramatta Greens

Parramatta Greens
Parramatta Greens local council election campaign launch, 28 May 2021
Parramatta Greens, local council election campaign, launch event, 28th May, 2021