Phil Bradley is Greens candidate for Parramatta in 2022 Federal Election

Parramatta Greens Media Release

The Greens announce Councillor Phil Bradley as their Federal candidate for Parramatta.

Phil Bradley, who made history as the City of Parramatta’s first Greens Councillor, has been selected by the Greens as their candidate for the Federal electorate of Parramatta. “I will prioritise urgent climate action,” Clr Bradley says. “Along with Greens Senate candidate David Shoebridge, change is within reach!”

David Shoebridge, Senate candidate, Phil Bradley, Parramatta electorate local candidate, for the Greens

As he has done on Council, Clr Bradley will continue to enthusiastically promote Greens’ policies, such as the need to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030, provide energy efficiency savings, reduce extreme urban heat and minimise waste.

“The world has just experienced the seven hottest years on record and we are now facing a climate emergency, yet Australia is still letting our greenhouse gas emissions increase!” Clr Bradley says. “Days per year hotter than 400 C in Western Sydney are predicted to rise tenfold in our children’s lifetime [1]. Without strong climate action, serious health impacts will accelerate. The financial costs of taking strong climate action are far less than the enormous global costs of ignoring the evidence and recommendations from respected international climate scientists.”

Clr Bradley will continue to push for equitable policies on homelessness and affordable housing.

“We must address the realities of so many people in Parramatta suffering distress due to housing costs. The Greens support improved renters’ rights and much greater funding for public and social housing.”

Another important Greens commitment is to significantly increase funding for quality public services and to stop further privatisation of critical services like health, education, prisons, power, and water.

“We support free, quality public education including early childhood, school, TAFE and universities. We will demand increased staff at Westmead Hospital and more trains, buses, cycleways and high-speed rail”, Clr Bradley says. “We oppose expensive toll roads like the M4 and WestCONnex that do not address long term traffic problems. The Greens can budget for these commitments by making billionaires and rich corporations pay their fair share of tax, rather than soaking up public subsidies and moving the profits offshore to tax havens.

"The Greens always put people before profits, which is why ensuring dental and mental health will be covered by Medicare is one of our key election issues.”

The Greens in NSW don't accept political donations from any corporations and will always put local community needs before corporate greed.

“The Greens will strive for a jobs-rich clean energy future where all Australians have an opportunity to thrive,” Clr Bradley adds. “Voting 1 Greens for me, and also for David Shoebridge in the Senate, makes a better Australia possible.

[1] Extreme Heat in Western Sydney:  Western Sydney Heat Watch

Short Bio:

Clr Phil Bradley has lived in the Parramatta area with his partner Annie Nielsen for 27 years and has two daughters. He has been a civil engineer, TAFE teacher and Teachers Federation officer. He has run for local, state and federal government several times and is now the Parramatta City’s first Greens councillor. Clr Bradley has received a National Volunteer Award for long term community involvement in Parramatta Climate Action Network, Reconciliation for Western Sydney, Parramatta Female Factory group and bush regeneration.

Phil Bradley
Phil Bradley has been announced as local Greens candidate for Parramatta in the 2022 Federal Election.
Local Candidate Parramatta, Federal Election 2022, Phil Bradley, David Shoebridge