Probity Checks for Parramatta Local Planning Panel

Parramatta Council passed the following motion, which was supported by all but Councillors who are Liberal Party members.

Subject: Notice of Motion for 12 July 2021 Council - Probity Checks for Chair, Alternate Chairs and Independent Experts for the City of Parramatta Local Planning Panel


That Council write to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces the Hon. Rob Stokes MP referring to his letter IRF 21/584 and asking if the probity checks also included whether the statutory declarations of each chair and expert also declared they were not a close relative or associate of a property developer or real estate agent, and if not, recommending to the Minister that this be done as soon as possible.


1. People nominating to be a Councillor are required to declare whether they are a property developer or a close associate of one and if elected to disclose annually whether they are such while in office.

2. The Minister recently wrote to the Lord Mayor (Attachment 1) referring to the probity checks in the limited terms referred to and being recommended for extension as suggested in the motion above.

3. The Council Officer probity checks were stated as only related to ensuring there would be no conflicts with participation on other Can council Panels.